Nani Bhattacharya Smarak Mahavidyalaya

Dr Avijit Chakraborty

Assistant Professor
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Address: Siliguri ,West Bengal,India – 734001


My area of interest has predominantly been British Poetry and to be specific the poetry of Philip Larkin. I also have a Ph.D on Philip Larkin’s poetry.
Work experience : Nani Bhattacharya Smarak Mahavidyalaya, Jalpaiguri 2002 —Present — Associate Professor–Jalpaiguri .
Education : PhD – 2019-University of North Bengal .
Membership In Professional Bodies : RTI , 2021
First Appellate Authority:
01. IQAC , 2020-Co-ordinator,
02. IGNOU, 2019-Co-ordinator
03. Bursar, 2015-Substantive
04. Governing Body, 2008-Teaching Staff Representative
Membership In Committees :
01. Finance Committee-2018-Member.
02. Purchase Committee-2018-Member.


  1. The Poetic Self in Larkin’s ‘Two Guitar Pieces’-AVIJIT CHAKRABORTY-About Larkin, Volume 56, Year 2023, Pages 23-26
  2. Exploitation of the Essential Indian Women-An Unchanging Ideology-AVIJIT CHAKRABORTY-Shodh Sarita, Volume 7, Year 2020, Pages 1-5
  3. Interrogating the Critical Canon- A Deleuzean approach to Philip Larkin-AVIJIT CHAKRABORTY-The English Literature Journal, Volume , Year 2016, Pages
  4. The Indeterminate Philip Larkin and His hapless poetic Muse-AVIJIT CHAKRABORTY-New Academia: An International Journal of English Language, Literature and Literary Theory, Volume ,-Year 2015, Pages
  5. So…Postmodernism ( Ed by Avijit Chakraborty and Bodhisattwa Khan)-AVIJIT CHAKRABORTY & BODHISATTWA KHAN-So…Postmodernism ( Ed by Avijit Chakraborty and Bodhisattwa Khan), Volume , Year 2015, Pages
  6. Usurped Spaces and Poetic Identity- Anxiety Of Influence in Yeats’ ‘Sailing-To Byzantium’-AVIJIT CHAKRABORTY-The Criterion: An International Journal in English, Volume , Year 2011, Pages
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